Teachers (In construction)

Ms. Cindy Peng (Python Level 1)

Ms. Peng has received both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Computer Science.  She also has 10+ years of programming experience in the industry using a multitude of languages and environments.  She loves working with children and enjoys showing them the exciting world of programming. 

Dr. Yan Wang (Python Level 2)

Yan is a principal data analyst in a health care consulting company. She has a Master in statistics, PhD in computational chemistry. She uses python at work for statistical data analysis, machine learning and automation. 

Dr. Min Zhou (Java)

北京大学地球物理专业毕业后曾留校任教。PhD from University of Utah, 15 years of R&D experience in oil and gas industry, developing and implementing imaging related softwares. 

Dr. Dawei Luo (Scratch)

中国科技大学力学专业毕业。Ph.D in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M. Registered Professional Engineer. Currently working as a Design Engineering in a Energy Service Company. Have experience co-management of D.I. team. Have experience of teaching introduction Python class to young children. 

Ms. Feng Wang (Chinese for Beginner)


Dr. Song Liu (Math)

来自清华+MIT的学霸,曾在省和全国数学竞赛多次获奖。Mr. Song Liu has essential skills in teaching mathematics for young children and motivating them to love math. His academic background includes B.S., Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from Tsinghua University (1994-2002) and M.S. in Ocean Engineering from MIT (2002-2005). 

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Mr. Daniel Chen (MS Excel)


Mr. Chen is an Excel/VBA expert with about 20-year relevant experiences. He had provided training classes and seminars for many professional organizations and companies, with 50+ attendees each time. His special expertise includes but not limited to:

- User Defined Function: Achieve complicated computation/calculations 

- Task Automation: Automate time consuming, repetitive tasks using macros and forms 

- Database Design: Tables, Forms, Data Entry, Filter, Subtotal, SQL/ODBC, Reporting, etc.

- Data Query: Extract data from text files, csv files, closed Excel files, Access, webpages, etc.

- Interface: Build standard Windows-style user-friendly-interface for input & output 

- Interaction: Control/access and I/O with Word, Outlook, Access, Internet and other programs

- Reporting: Create all kinds of charts and tables, and export them into Word for reporting

Mr. Chen had developed many Excel/VBA utility programs for clients all over the world (Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Ohio, Florida, Switzerland, Canada, etc.), and the clients include Financial Film, Risk Management Firm, Stock Brokerage Firm, Market Research Firm, Mortgage Firm, Retail Store, Day Care Center, Accountants, Doctors, Realtors, etc. The utility programs include Payroll Management System, Customer Database Management System, Timesheet Management System, Mortgage Loan Database, Text File Import/Export Add-In, etc.